Monday, June 2, 2008

Quilters Unlimited Quilt Show This Weekend

This weekend (Fri., Sat., and Sun.) is the 35th Annual Quilters Unlimited (QU) Quilt Show in Northern Virginia.  This will officially be my first time ever having quilts in a show!  This is a non-juried show, but will have a record setting 600 quilts on display.  I am excited to be participating!  I will have three quilts showing.  The first is a queen size quilt called "Starflower" which was designed by my friend Karen Sievert, pieced by me, and machine quilted by Karen.

The second quilt that is going to be in the show is a design by Pat Sloan, called "Katie's Tulips".  This wall hanging is the result of a Pat Sloan workshop that I attended in the fall.   This quilt was machine quilted by me on Karen Sieverts gammill and is my first attempt ever at echo-quilting.

The  third quilt that I am showing is a design by Sherri Hisey from Border Creek Station Pattern Company, called "The Road to a Friend's House is Never Far".  This particular quilt is not yet one of her published patterns, but I'm sure it will be eventually.  It was originally published as a mystery, and my version of the quilt was made in my role as "pattern tester".  This one is machine quilted by me on my D-A-Q shortarm machine.

I am wondering if it will feel strange to go to a quilt show and actually see something of my own hanging...and is it acceptable to sneak and eavesdrop just a teeny bit if there are other quilters looking at them when I am in the area????

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Sylvia said...

You are going to feel so proud when you see this quilt hanging in a show!
You have an wonderful eye for color and your workmanship is fabulous.
That's what I'd be saying if you were evesdropping when I was looking at your quilt.