Tuesday, July 8, 2008

6 Years Isn't Really That Long, Is It?

My family comes from the south - Tennessee to be exact. Although I was born and raised here in lovely VA...my mom, dad, and all of their immediate family are from Tennessee. When I visit these relatives in the south, instead of being "Martha", I become one of those southern girls with two first names...."Martha Faye". (When I was little, one of my cousins pronounced it "Wash your face".) Okay, that was kind of a long way of getting around to telling you about my Aunt Faye. I have always loved and admired her, and wanted to be just like her when I was a little girl. There is a family story that I learned to knit at about 6 years old, lying flat on my back in bed next to my Aunt Faye who had just had back surgery....I think that my Aunt Faye is also behind my love of making things, and even more important, my love of quilting! About 10 years ago when my Granny Kate's health was failing, Aunt Faye was her full time care-giver; she spent many hours bedside of my Granny Kate, and spent her time cross-stitching 16" quilt blocks. About 6 years ago, she passed the blocks to me and asked that I set them in "some kind of quilt" for her. So I procrastinated just a little bit. But this past 4th of July weekend I made up my mind to just do it. Here is the result....I still need to add some borders to the outside, but all in all, I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. I can't wait to see if Aunt Faye likes it! (By the way, if anyone has any of this older Thimbleberries fabric from the Sugarhouse line that is used in these setting blocks - I'm desperately looking for some more for the borders of this quilt!)

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The Roslaskys said...

I love the look of this quilt! I'm sure your Aunt Faye will love it, too. Good luck finding the fabric you need for the borders. (Sorry I don't have any.) Kathy in Jupiter FL