Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Are you a treasure hunter?

Do I have some fellow treasure hunters out there? I simply CANNOT resist stopping at yard sales, flea markets, and thrift stores. I know, alot of people would never want anybody elses "junk", but there are some real treasures out there mixed in with the junk! My mom, who is 79 years old, is the Queen of the yard sale. I believe that there may be some gene that I have inherited from her that compels me to look for treasure amongst everyone else's castoffs. Now, take a look at this footstool...I can't claim to be the one who found it, but my mom found it at a yard sale for $30. She didn't need it, but knew it was too good to pass up, and that I happen to love, love, love unusual old oak pieces. I should have taken a "before" picture of was very black looking with old varnish, and the fabric on it was worn, faded and very stained. Just a few hours of stripping, sanding, staining and recovering, and I am now the happy owner of this little oak footstool. Isn't this absolutely the ultimate in oak cuteness?

An added bonus to this little footstool, is that the top cushion is actually a hinged lid which swings open, and I can use it to hide all my hand-quilting and applique supplies that I like to use while watching t.v.

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Jeff said...

Hi Martha

There are plenty of Treasure Hunters out here, and I am one. Everything from fossicking for gemstones, metal detecting for relics, hunting through old trash, garage sales, secondhand yards etc. My wife and I collect heaps of things...probably too much.

Anyway, thought you may be interested in our Treasure Hunters website. It is for anyone hunting treasure. Doesn't have to be gold or pirate treasure, just whatever is treasure to you.

You could join, customise your page, upload photos, videos and all that, and I will even start a Group for you around your special interest.

It's at

Have a look and would love to have you join us.

Treasure Hunters