Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Quilt for a Cause

Wow - I took a bit longer of a blog break than I intended. (I actually did not intend to take a break at all, but got really busy with life stuff, ya know?) I also have had some nice sewing time over the past couple of weeks, so will show some photos of what I've been doing....I have been working on a quilt which I call the "Breast Cancer Quilt" that I'm donating to a local golf tournament here in VA for a silent auction. This is a queen sized quilt, and I just finished machine quilting it yesterday. This quilt is actually made and donated in memory of my friend Dale McGee Fry, who lost her battle with cancer in December 2006. I think of her often, and I hope that this quilt brings in lots of money for the cause, and that whoever ends up with it uses it and loves it alot!

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